• Final Work: �?Untitled’

    Printed lycra body suit with cover stitch detail and cape
    Staff: wood wrapped in leather strips with leather streamers, burnt ostrich and coque feathers
    Hat: dark brown Double Duchess Silk leaves, black burnt peacock feathers, black felt hat base with crinoline mould

    This amazing costume, ‘an Arts and Crafts suit of armour for an athlete’ in Deller’s words, is the one wearable artwork among the nine collaborations. The print is derived from a stained glass window by William Morris, and has been used to create a full-body running suit with flowing train, accompanied by a leather-lashed staff and a crested headdress of leaves and feathers. Deacon and Deller were drawn to Morris and to the Arts and Crafts Movement’s principle of art for all and in the everyday, which resonates in particular with Deller’s practice of taking art outside galleries and into everyone’s lives. It is an idea they plan to follow through by applying their print to marathon blankets, badges and other items which will be handed out to the runners and spectators at this summer’s Olympic events.

  • Untitled (2012). "An Arts and Crafts suit of armour for an athlete" Photographer: Gautier Deblonde
  • Image created by Deacon and Deller to symbolise their collaboration
  • Giles Deacon: The Black Swan dress, Swan hat by Stephen Jones, spring/summer 2012
  • Giles Deacon: The Silver Swan dress spring/summer 2012
  • Giles Deacon: spring/summer 2012
  • Giles Deacon: spring/summer 2012
  • Giles Deacon: spring/summer 2012
  • Jeremy Deller: The Battle Of Orgreave, 2001 Police Officers pursuing miners through the village Image courtesy the artist Photo Parisah Taghizadeh
  • Jeremy Deller: Memory Bucket, 2003 Digitised video. Comissioned by Art Pace, San Antonio